Gymnastics Classes

Mini Movers (Pre School gymnastics) classes are coach led with caregivers accompanying their gymnasts to explore our large and small equipment in structured circuits. Classes will introduce the fundamental movement patterns, used in gymnastics as well as including visual tracking, spatial awareness and a touch of imaginative play.

Gym for All classes are a great way to introduce and develop new skills. Each term has a new focus and involves the development of gymnastic based movements and skills. We incorporate the seven fundamental movement patterns, landings, spring, swing, locomotion, rotation, statics & manipulative skills, which are the building blocks for all sports.

Within the structured class environment, the gymnasts learn to develop skills safely and at a level suitable for their ability.

Urban gymnastics, use skills and shapes from traditional gymnastics, elements of parkour and utilise our ninja warped wall. These are high energy classes.

Trampoline classes, use our olympic trampoline, double mini trampoline, 12 metre fast track and mini tramps, your gymnast will get to bounce and learn mini routines.

Tumbling is for those gymnasts wanting floor based skills. Using our airtracks and soft shapes our tumbling classes work towards forward and backward rolls, dive rolls, cartwheels, roundoffs, walkovers and handsprings.

Aerial Arts Utilising our Aerial hoops and silks, the gymnasts learn simple aerial skills that are then connected with gymnastics and dance to create a short routine to music.

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