April Holiday Programme

Holiday Programmes

Your child will be supervised within the gym, with opportiunites to try all the equipment both large and small. We will play games, work on gymnastics skills, have a craft session and keep you child entertained.

This is open to non members as well, you will be required to register before booking.

Payment must be made at time of booking to confirm placement, an automated invoice will be sent at time of booking..

What to wear and bring:

Participant's will require clothing suitable for active participation in activities. We ask that clothing does not include any zips, buttons or buckles etc

Bring a healthy morming tea / lunch and a water bottle.

Please read our terms and conditions:

I voluntarily accept and assume the inherent risk of danger and injury in Gym Sports.

I approve of my child's participation in Gymnastica Gym Club Inc April Holiday Programme and consent to emergency treatment for my child, on my behalf. Further, I certify that my child is in good physical condition and capable of participating in this program and I understand that I am signing my child up at my own risk.

I indemnify Gymnastica Gym Club Inc from all claims, loses and expenses (including legal costs) suffered or incurred at any time as a result of, or resulting directly or indirectly from my failure to observe guidelines and reasonable directions of Gymnastica Gym Club Inc and their staff (paid and voluntary).